Upcoming Events for July 2011

Below is a listing of all of the local events this month.


Little Rock, AR – Forgotten Fights
*Brought to you by Little Rock Game Con*
-Features the less mainstream games such as Mortal Kombat and BlazBlue-

Grape Vine, TX – *UCC* Bar Fights III
*Brought to you by DFW Fight Club*
-Allows seeding into the Upper Cut Circuit Fall Tournament-

Texarkana, TX – Super Showdown III
-Great meeting point for gamers in Dallas, Little Rock, and Louisiana-
Tulsa, OK – Tokyo in Tulsa
*Brought to you by OKGamers.com*
-Huge Japanese Convention in Tulsa with a game room featuring equipment from the National Video Game Association-
Conway, AR – MAG II
*Brought to you by the ARFGN*
-The ARFGN’s Monthly Tournament used to build the community! We invite gamers from every surrounding state to help us! Featuring all modern fighting games as well as popular FPSs such as Halo, Call of Duty, and Gears of War 2!- 

7/30/11Las Vegas, NV – Evolution 2011
-The World’s largest fighting game tournament!-

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