Halo: Reach Tournament This Saturday!

Game Ever in Little Rock, AR is hosting a Halo: Reach tournament THIS Saturday!

Game Ever
400 North Bowman Road (next to Buffalo Grill)
Little Rock, AR

– It’s an all-day event, so you’ll need an all-day pass ($10).
– Players grouped by age: 10 & younger, 11-16, 17 & up.
– Everyone plays three rounds – top players from each age group compete in a fourth, final round: 1 vs 1 vs 1.
– Winner of final round wins $100.

2 responses to “Halo: Reach Tournament This Saturday!

  1. Why is there a Halo tournament posted on the front page of a fighting game website?

  2. 1) The Arkansas Fighting Game Network supports all of our local businesses and encourages an active tournament scene in Arkansas.

    2) Members of the ARFGN play more than just fighting games.

    3) I’d love to expand the ARFGN to encompass other genres. Unfortunately it’d be a hassle to rename us to the Arkansas Video Game Network.

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