(Heart) Breaking News: RIP Solidus of Oklahoma

During the July 4th weekend, Solidus (Forest Sharp) of OKGamers, Smashboards, SRK, HomingCancel, etc. and his girlfriend Ashlie Johnson were killed in a fatal car accident.

Forest was an aspiring Tournament Organizer, an avid gamer, and a great friend. He did what few wanted to do for the Oklahoma gaming community, and he did it passionately and without complaints.

To the guy that really tried to do something for himself, for Oklahoma, and for all of our friends- you will be missed. I’m sorry that things had to end this way, but I’m proud that I got to meet you and talk to you, if not as much as I’d have hoped. RIP good sir. There are few others as good as you still around.

I have made an executive decision to name the ARK IV Melee Tournament in his honor. I don’t know what difference it’ll make in the long run, but it’s one way that I’ll personally pay my respects to him. Hopefully I’ll have a little memorial up for him at our event as well.

A memorial from OKGamers.com:

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