A.R.K. IV is on September 17-18th! ~200 People! Feat. Marn, Justin Wong, + More!

Created by GBS Giovanni


Presented by Game Zone Alpha and the Arkansas Fighting Game Network


September 17-18, 2011
Game Zone Alpha
620 West Main Street
Jacksonville, AR 72076
Game Zone Alpha – 620 West Main St. in Jacksonville, AR


Email: Email@arfgn.com
Phone: 512 522 8563

UPDATES: 8-31-11

– A.R.K. IV is NOW Sponsored by Rebel Son Management and Entertainment (Refreshments), Inebro’s Amazing Adventures (Bonus pot), The Traveling Circus (Apparel), Funimation (Swag), Shadaloo.EU (Swag), Verizon (Swag), Monster Energy (Swag), Game On Apparel, Borderland Games, and Game Zone Alpha. We would like to thank these companies for their continued support!
– We are pleased to announce that Marn and EG. Justin Wong have confirmed attendance at ARK IV!
– ARK SmokeMaxX, ARK XI, and ARK The Amazing are sponsoring the bonus pot of $500 ($250 for MvC3; $250 for SSF4:AE).
– Official ARK IV shirts are on sale for $10 each! They will look very similar to this. Limited supply so reserve yours today!
– Half of the proceeds of the Mystery Game Tournament will go towards the Child’s Play Charity!
– 3rd Strike Online will be played on 360.


– Super Street Fighter 4 (360) (Singles and 3v3 Teams)*
– Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (360) (Singles and 3v3 Teams)*
– Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Singles and 2v2 Teams)
– Super Smash Bros. Melee (Singles and 2v2 Teams) – In memory of Forest “Solidus” Sharp
– BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II (PS3)
– Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
– 3rd Strike Online (360)*
– Mystery Game Tourney (???) – Half (50%) of the proceeds that go into this tournament will be donated to Child’s Play. The remaining 50% will go to the 1st place winner.
– Plus MORE based on YOUR votes.

*Playstation Pad Users: We will have PS2 -> 360 converters (they also do PS2 -> PS3 and 360 -> PS3) available to buy at $10 or rent at $3 ($10 collateral required). These converters have not been thoroughly tested, so they are not guaranteed to be lagless. However, initial tests as well as anecdotes from Tech Talk and Youtube seem to suggest that they have no/low lag. Remember, bring your own PS2 controllers!


$15 Entrance Fee. This covers the entire weekend. Included in the entrance fee are free pizza and drinks as well as unlimited casuals, thus it cannot be waived for spectators.
$5 Per Minor Tournament Pot Fee (3SO, BB:CS II, Mystery Game Tournament).
$10 Per Major Tournament Pot Fee (SSF4:AE, MvC3, Brawl, Melee, MK9).
$5 Per Person for each Team Tournament ($10 total per team for Smash; $15 for Marvel/AE).
$5 After-Party Entrance*
$1 Per Raffle Ticket – See Raffle Ticket section below

*There will be an after-party on Saturday night for those 21 and older. Admission will be $5 but we will bring the beer! Money matches, grudge matches, and team battles will be taking place all night and most/all of it will be streamed so don’t get blown up!

Prizes: All pots (except Smash) are split 70/20/10. Smash pots will be distributed at a 60/30/10 ratio.


NOTE: Registration for each game will end PROMPTLY one hour before that game’s tournament begins. If you are late, you will be charged a fee to be added to your respective tournament(s) (provided there is room). Please add my phone number (512 522 8563) so that you may call/text me BEFORE REGISTRATION CLOSES to reserve a spot for you if you happen to be late for any reason. We are working very hard to make sure tournaments are ran ON TIME for ARK IV.

12 PM – Registration BEGINS for all games
2 PM – Super Smash Bros: Brawl; Mortal Kombat 9; Super Street Fighter IV: AE Teams
4 PM – Super Smash Bros: Melee; BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II; Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Teams
6 PM – Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition; 3rd Strike Online; Brawl Teams
8 PM – Marvel Vs. Capcom 3; Mystery Game Tourney; Melee Teams

Afterparty (~Midnight)
There will be an after-party following Saturday’s events. Admission is $5, but we will provide the alcohol (21+ only) and entertainment. State-by-state and regional exhibition matches should be going down here. Because alcohol is involved, no minors are allowed into the building during the after-party. We are arranging for alternate plans for those who don’t want to or can’t attend.

12 PM – Doors Open
1 PM – Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Top 16
4:30 PM – ComboVid.com SSf4:ae Combo Exhibition v.one*
5 PM – Super Street Fighter IV: AE Top 16


2 PM: SSF4: AE Teams
4 PM: MvC3 Teams
6 PM: SSF4: AE
8 PM: MvC3

1 PM: MvC3 Top 16
4:30 PM – ComboVid.com SSf4:ae Combo Exhibition v.one*
5 PM: SSF4: AE Top 16

*The ARK IV crew is proud to announce that we will be premiering the ComboVid.com SSf4:ae Combo Exhibition v.one video at our event starring Snoooootch, Maj, Doopliss, Error1, Smileymike101, Pokey86, and lukeness monster. A teaser for this video is attached to the end of our trailer here.


Modder DaRabidDuckie is Open for Business at A.R.K. IV! If you are interested in getting a mod, please post here so he’ll have adequate parts! He will be doing dual mods (PS3 <-> 360) as well as RJ45 mods on site. If you want Dreamcast or PS2 cables, with your mod, let him know so that he can stock up! If, for some reason, he does not have time to mod your stick at our tournament, he can take it and send it back to you at an additional cost.Here is his information including prices and pictures of his previous works! Support a great local modder!


We will be selling raffle tickets for $1 each. Prizes will include (but are not limited to) swag from our sponsors such as Funimation (DVDs, Shirts, Posters, etc.), The Traveling Circus (apparel), Shadaloo.EU (apparel), Verizon (T.E. Stick or a VLX), etc.


ARK IV Flier
Feel free to post these at your gaming centers/campuses/etc. Tell your friends. We are trying to build a community and make this big. You can help!


Interrupted Gaming! By RawkusX


Arkansas Fighting Game Network
ARK IV Event Page





Complete rules for all of our events can be found here.

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