The Arkansas Fighting Game Network (ARFGN) was founded in February 2009 by Justin Hicks (Imperator) of Little Rock, AR.  The ARFGN is a grassroots organization focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle by providing a safe recreational activity such as video gaming. We encourage EVERYONE to join us as we build the gaming community in Arkansas. As of June 2011, we are over one-hundred strong and are growing rapidly. To become more involved, please subscribe to this website and join our Facebook group located here.

Although we encourage casual gamers to join us, there is also a strong competitive atmosphere in Arkansas! To address this, the ARFGN hosts the Arkansas Regional Knockouts (A.R.K.) Tournament Series. Our last tournament had over 150 gamers from 10 different states, including Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV star EG. Justin Wong!


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