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(Heart) Breaking News: RIP Solidus of Oklahoma

During the July 4th weekend, Solidus (Forest Sharp) of OKGamers, Smashboards, SRK, HomingCancel, etc. and his girlfriend Ashlie Johnson were killed in a fatal car accident.

Forest was an aspiring Tournament Organizer, an avid gamer, and a great friend. He did what few wanted to do for the Oklahoma gaming community, and he did it passionately and without complaints.

To the guy that really tried to do something for himself, for Oklahoma, and for all of our friends- you will be missed. I’m sorry that things had to end this way, but I’m proud that I got to meet you and talk to you, if not as much as I’d have hoped. RIP good sir. There are few others as good as you still around.

I have made an executive decision to name the ARK IV Melee Tournament in his honor. I don’t know what difference it’ll make in the long run, but it’s one way that I’ll personally pay my respects to him. Hopefully I’ll have a little memorial up for him at our event as well.

A memorial from

Monthly Arkansas Gameathlon II (July 23rd!)

Our monthly tournament on July 23rd (Monthly Arkansas Gameathlon II; MAG II) has gained some news coverage by ARFGN member Joshua Vaughn! Check out his article here!

For more information about our monthly tournament, visit the official page here!

Basic info:

Monthly Arkansas Gameathlon II
July 23rd

$5 Entrance / $5 Per Tournament

Super Street Fighter 4 (360)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (360)
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II (PS3)
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Halo: Reach (1v1 and FFA)
Call of Duty: Black Ops (1v1 and FFA)
Gears of War (1v1 and FFA)

Halo: Reach Tournament This Saturday!

Game Ever in Little Rock, AR is hosting a Halo: Reach tournament THIS Saturday!

Game Ever
400 North Bowman Road (next to Buffalo Grill)
Little Rock, AR

– It’s an all-day event, so you’ll need an all-day pass ($10).
– Players grouped by age: 10 & younger, 11-16, 17 & up.
– Everyone plays three rounds – top players from each age group compete in a fourth, final round: 1 vs 1 vs 1.
– Winner of final round wins $100.

Upcoming Events for July 2011

Below is a listing of all of the local events this month.


Little Rock, AR – Forgotten Fights
*Brought to you by Little Rock Game Con*
-Features the less mainstream games such as Mortal Kombat and BlazBlue-

Grape Vine, TX – *UCC* Bar Fights III
*Brought to you by DFW Fight Club*
-Allows seeding into the Upper Cut Circuit Fall Tournament-

Updated S.W.O.L. Matches and Rankings For 6/27/11 – 7/3/11!

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Season 1 – Round 3 Matchmaking
Start date – (6/27/2011)
Deadline – (7/03/2011)
Dark Hadou Division

Grand Champion (Carbocation SRK) vs #1 Ranked player (The Rage VII)  

#2 Ranked player (w00tsick) vs #3 Ranked player (solidxpanda) 

#4 Ranked player (Flash House) vs #5 Ranked player (Triox403)  

#6 Ranked player (Clutch City 95) vs #7 Ranked player (Bluesman461)

#8 Ranked player (jchantra) vs #9 Ranked player (SmokeMaxX)

#10 Ranked player (Citays) vs #11 Ranked player (Inspector Arch)

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MWC and Arkansas Armageddon Results

ARFGN members recently attended Midwest Championships in Nashville, TN (6/25/11) and Arkansas Armageddon in Bentonville, AR (6/27/11) and placed well in both.

MWC Results (via DreamTR):
Super Turbo SBO Qualifiers
1. Damdai
2. Immortalbmw
3. Rizz

SSF4AE-53 players
1. ARK XI (Arkansas) Sagat
2. Jacob Ford (Nashville) Yun
3. Vicious Shogun (Kentucky) Vega
4. Derrick Legend (Cincy) Juri/Rose
5. (tie) krazykorean (Nashville) Ryu/Honda
7. (tie) ARK SmokeMaxX (Arkansas)
7. (tie) ARK SolidxPanda (Arkansas)

MVC3-51 players
1. Raekwon187 (Alabama)
2. ARK XI (Arkansas)
3. Orpheus (Alabama)
4. Astaroth (Tennessee)
5. (tie) Azn Mike (Tennessee)

Arkansas Armageddon Results (via Avalon):
MK9: 7 players
1) ARK SmokeMaxX
3) dlimit
4) Strongy
5) Adam Keasey
5) cookieman06
5) Brownie479

SSF4:AE: 12 players
2) ARK solidxpanda
3) ARK SmokeMaxX
4) dlimit
5) ARK Misfit
5) TEAvalon
7) Courtney
7) OSO
9) Rebirth
9) Cash
9) Cheeps Ahoy
9) Strongy

MvC3: 7 players
2) ARK Misfit
3) ARK SmokeMaxX
4) Courtney
5) Strongy
5) OSO
7) Rebirth

Thanks to DreamTR and Avalon for hosting each tournament! We look forward to future events from each tournament organizer.

-ARK SmokeMaxX

Updated S.W.O.L. Matches and Rankings!

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Season 1 – Round 1 Matchmaking
Start date – (6/20/2011)
Deadline – (6/26/2011)
Dark Hadou Division

Grand Champion (Carbocation SRK) vs #1 Ranked player (SolidxPanda)

#2 Ranked player (Triox403) vs #3 Ranked player (The Rage VII)

#4 Ranked player (Bluesman461) vs #5 Ranked player (w00tsick)

#6 Ranked player (Flash House) vs #7 Ranked player (SmokeMaxX)

#8 Ranked player (flavorpc) vs #9 Ranked player (Clutch City 95)

#10 Ranked player (jchantra) vs #11 Ranked player (Citays)

Shadaloo Division

Grand Champion (RawkusX) vs #1 Ranked player (rockbrownscarab)

#2 Ranked player (Inspector Arch) vs #3 Ranked player (MikeEastSide)

#4 Ranked player (GBS Giovanni) vs #5 Ranked player (Jam1kaze)

#6 Ranked player (little death509) vs #7 Ranked player (TR3 WORLD SLAYER)

#8 Ranked player (br00talbusby) vs #9 Ranked player (The Crazykat)

#10 Ranked player (PJS Tidus) vs #11 Ranked player (Gromkii)

Interpol Division

Grand Champion (Paranoia HADES) vs #1 Ranked player (Gracie616)

#2 Ranked player (JeffUnit) vs #3 Ranked player (darkkookie)

#4 Ranked player (DuKamok SRK) vs #5 Ranked player (bagels o)

#6 Ranked player (SVTomar) vs #7 Ranked player (ShoryukenFADC)

#8 Ranked player (Squabbler) vs #9 Ranked player (jford78)

#10 Ranked player (sawdawg08) vs #11 Ranked player (FoShoShon)

Saikyo Division

Grand Champion (Seiei Enbu) vs #1 Ranked player (Avalon37Endures)

#2 Ranked player (swollen cu) vs #3 Ranked player (Flyp17)

#4 Ranked player (Ekipz) vs #5 Ranked player (Zohta)