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First to 5 set between SolidxPanda and GBS Giovanni

This is the first of a series of first to 5 sets that we will be featuring. All first to 5’s will be recorded and uploaded by me, so if you want to set up a set with someone, contact me via Xbox Live @ solidxpanda.

This first set is a match between two of Arkansas’ own SolidxPanda and GBS Giovanni. Watch both videos to find out who took this set!

SolidxPanda (Ryu) vs GBS Giovanni (Rose)

Part 1

Part 2

SolidxPanda Interviews ARFGN’s SmokeMaxX!

A.R.K IV is right around the corner and I’m sure many of you have been wondering who is behind all of this tournament noise everyone has been talking about. Today I got a chance to sit down with one of the founders of the A.R.K (Arkansas Regional Knockouts) tournament series, Max Nguyen. Also known as SmokeMaxX on the SRK forums. I asked him a few questions about Arkansas’ biggest fighting game event and how all of this got started. There’s a lot to be read here, so sit back, grab a chair and prepare to get to know the hardest working man in the Arkansas fighting game community!


– Coming up on the fourth tournament for the A.R.K series you’ve got to be pretty hype. How do you feel about how far you’ve come along as a tournament organizer?

I think being a tournament organizer is probably the most difficult position in the video gaming ecosystem. It’s essentially a thankless job where you’re overworked, underpaid (if you’re paid at all!), and responsible for not only a tournament, but also the perception of your community to the rest of the world. Being a tournament organizer is often very frustrating, but I can honestly say without a doubt that I absolutely love it.

Have I made mistakes? You bet. The very first tournament we ran, we had a combination of laggy monitors and 10” CRTs. Conditions weren’t ideal, but all I could do was learn from my mistakes and change them for the next tournament. And I want to believe that I’ve been doing a good job of that.

– Obviously your tournaments have grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Do you feel like A.R.K is one of the biggest tournaments the South/Southwest has?

That’s tough. Around Arkansas there are great tournaments in each and every state. OKGamers throws amazing tournaments in Oklahoma that draw hundreds of people; Kyoji24 is really building his scene in Mississippi; DreamTR holds MWC in Tennessee; and then you have the Texas Majors such as Absolute Battle, UCC, as well as any event that UFO Fubarduck hosts. That being said, in our region of the country we don’t really have a Final Round or CEO or Season’s Beatings. Although I don’t know if our tournament will ever get to that level, you can bet that that’s our main goal. With an expected two hundred fighting game players attending, I think we are making great progress. Continue reading

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