ARK IV (Sponsored by The Traveling Circus) 9/17-18/11 Feat. Marn and EG. JWong Results

First off, I’d like to give a big thank you to our sponsors. THEY are what pushed the tournament over the edge for many of our attendees and for that, we’re thankful.

The Traveling Circus

Please visit these guys at They provided amazing apparel at the tournament that people were dying to get their hands on. When we ran out of their shirts, you guys wanted more so we at ARK IV decided we’ll give you more.


If you visit their site ( and comment below with your favorite shirt style (i.e. PHX – White) then for one lucky winner, we’ll BUY YOU THAT SHIRT and ship it to you FREE OF CHARGE. Throw in how much you like The Traveling Circus for bonus points :D. This is open to EVERYONE so even if you didn’t show up to the event, you may still win a shirt from The Traveling Circus on us! Find out if you’re a winner via our Twitter @ARKTourney! The winner will be announced one week from today.


You guys know who Funimation is. Big thanks to Funimation for providing awesome swag that people really wanted. Big fist shake to EG. Justin Wong for taking the furry girl towel and the ninja girl wall scroll. Visit these guys at!


These guys provided the Sony Xperia Play for our raffle. I don’t know what more I can say about them that you don’t already know, but Little Rock Verizon has been very supportive of the gaming community. With the help of the Arkansas Fighting Game Network, they’ve launched many events for gaming-related smartphones and I’m sure there will be more down the line. Please subscribe to our blog for more updates on gaming-related Verizon giveaways in the area!

Rebel Son Management and Entertainment

It’s likely that these guys will become one of THE premiere event and entertainment providers in the South in the very near future. They’re up-and-coming but trust me when I say to watch out for their future events. They’ll be partnering with us again for ARK V so Like them on Facebook here to keep up to date with what’s in store on that front!


These guys are the primary company behind our Twitter promotion and they have some SICK apparel and fight-stick related equipment. Check out their site at Shadaloo.EU and grab a stick-belt so that you don’t have to lug your stick around!


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition – 73 Entrants + $250 Bonus
1: EG Justin Wong ($686.00)
2: ARK XI ($196.00)
3: Marn ($98.00)
4: Jakob002
5: Jan
5: GoL RanmaSama
7: ARK SolidxPanda
7: Handsome Blanton
9: Negro Justice
9: Vegta12
9: GoL Toi504
9: Crazy Clown LOL
13: Joshua Del Rio
13: PJS Cities
13: Yolo-Kun
13: ARK SmokeMaxX
17: Rubek’s Nube
17: ARK Ghost
17: Boom Cube
17: Toucan
17: Wootsick
17: Smallpox Blanket
17: Kinetik
17: Mr. Sagat
25: dlimited
25: Lan Di
25: Stanman
25: Dances With Ninjas
25: Just 10 Blaze
25: Exceed^
25: Ruthless_Brothaz
25: CV Snoooootch
33: Mr. Lee
33: Super Kenshin
33: Immortal
33: Triox
33: Mattikus
33: Drew
33: iam 3nigmatic
33: IB Industries
33: BLK Wolverine
33: DGA Boss Bishop
33: DGA Squabbler
33: J Cao
33: Kurumster
33: DUBH13
33: CCM
33: Momotaro
49: The Dark Phoenix
49: ARK Inebro
49: T-Boykin
49: Triggerhappy8935
49: Deleon
49: Tenindo
49: Dinkus
49: SilverShadow
49: Spoony
49: Iron McHard Steel
49: Envint
49: Sandbox Toby
49: Farren
49: Dax Man In Effect
49: GG Jamandy
64: Manuel
64: Grolarbear
64: Ice Cold Edge
64: Hullabaloo
64: M-town
64: Rawkusx
64: Supwichu
64: Kyoji24
72: Social Micro
72: Ugly Joe Camel

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Teams – 16 Teams
1: Retards (Retards) ($168.00)
2: LA State (LA State) ($48.00)
3: Ark TO (Ark TO) ($24.00)
4: Gangbang Squad (Gangbang Squad)
5: 99 Hit Gumbo (99 Hit Gumbo)
5: Clint Dangerfield
7: South Arkansas (South Arkansas)
7: BlazGreen (BlazGreen)
9: 5 Zeus Slaps (5 Zeus Slaps)
9: DLL (DLL)
9: TTT (TTT)
9: Um Jammer Cammy (Um Jammer Cammy)
13: Tenindo (Tenindo)
13: Wilma Dickit (Wilma Dickit)
13: Team Broken (Team Broken)
13: 601 (601)

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – 57 Entrants + $250 Bonus
1: EG. Justin Wong ($574.00)
2: Jan ($164.00)
3: GoL Ranmasama ($82.00)
4: Boom Cube
5: GG Carnage Asada
5: Kurumster
7: Icy Martini
7: Rubeks Nube
9: Supwichu
9: J Cao
9: khaoz
9: Wrecktos
13: Mark
13: ZBT Afro MH
13: young
13: ARK XI
17: Wootsick
17: Immortal
17: takeurlife
17: tehflavor
17: DGA Gdlk Rushdown
17: Keys
17: Joshua Del Rio
17: Marn
25: T-Boykin
25: Seel
25: Vegta 12
25: ARK Inebro
25: Momotaro
25: desk
25: DGA Boss Bishop
25: ARK SolidxPanda
33: PJS Cities
33: Marsmj
33: Allen
33: ARK Ghost
33: Silvershadow
33: Fox
33: Mattikus
33: Triggerhappy8935
33: Vice Virtuoso
33: The Dark Phoenix
33: ARK | GBS Giovanni
33: Dr. Drew The Dragon
33: Tornado Jones
33: Darabidduckie
33: Animefreak
48: Fshy
48: Solidblake
48: ucacheer1934
48: Kyo
48: ARK SmokeMaxX
48: Tylerwoodz
48: RawkusX
48: porkchop
48: CCM
48: Sandbox Toby

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Teams – 10 Teams
1: Retards (Retards) ($105.00)
2: Osmunds (Osmunds) ($30.00)
3: Louisiana (Louisiana) ($15.00)
4: Pandora (Pandora)
5: Niggaz Bleed For That (Niggaz Bleed For That)
5: Blazgreen Baybee (Blazgreen Baybee)
7: Trash (Trash)
7: 3 Star (3 Star)
9: T Boykins (T Boykins)

Super Smash Brothers: Melee – 34 Entrants
1: Icy Martini (Lee Martin) ($204.00)
2: Chamberlin ($102.00)
3: Zinth ($34.00)
4: Ace
5: Arby
5: G.Vice
7: Old Greg (Iori)
7: ihavespaceballs
9: VTS
9: Kyo
9: Cats
9: Howard Moon (Myztek)
13: Dr. Drew The Dragon
13: Yoshiman
13: Baki
13: The Saber Guy
17: Raven Knight
17: Scuddlefish
17: Wrecktos
17: Jartravious
17: TMan
17: Super Kenshin
17: Irish
17: Blulitskye
25: Ping Ding
25: The March Hare
25: Roke
25: scif
25: Eyese
25: Seif
25: Wangster Baiter
25: Llama Sensei
33: A-Messiah
33: Keys

Super Smash Brothers: Melee Teams – 14 Teams
1: Slippery Whenever (Slippery Whenever) ($98.00)
2: Magical Unicorns (Magical Unicorns) ($28.00)
3: Undefeated of the East (Undefeated of the East) ($14.00)
4: Wild Bear Invasion (Wild Bear Invasion)
5: Old School Smash (Old School Smash)
5: Team Diversity (Team Diversity)
7: Irish & Scuttlefish (Irish & Scuttlefish)
7: Hitachiin Brothers (Hitachiin Brothers)
9: Salt Empire (Salt Empire)
9: Mi Casa Mi Casa (Mi Casa Mi Casa)
9: Crimson & Cats (Crimson & Cats)
9: Cookies (Cookies)
13: It Was Worth It (It Was Worth It)
13: Eyes & Saber Guy (Eyes & Saber Guy)

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition – 29 Entrants
1: EG. Justin Wong ($101.50)
2: ThyAllMighty ($29.00)
3: Dest ($14.50)
4: Wootsick
5: Vegta 12
5: Guy in green
7: PJS Cities
7: jon waco
9: DLL Sodium Sam
9: J Cao
9: Silvershadow
9: ARK SolidxPanda
13: ZBT Afro MH
13: Crazy Clown
13: Fox
13: mr sagat
17: Triox
17: Envint
17: iam 3nigmatic
17: Black Ranger
17: Mattikus
17: The Saber Guy
17: CCM
17: Solidblake
25: Grolarbear
25: Marn
25: Tenindo
25: Seif
25: Lan Di

Mortal Kombat 9 – 25 Entrants
1: EG. Justin Wong ($175.00)
2: Ice Cold Edge ($50.00)
3: eklectic ($25.00)
4: Tylerwoodz
5: Seel
5: GoL Ranmasama
7: T-Boykin
7: DGA Boss Bishop
9: Grolarbear
9: Admiral Pancake
9: Black Ranger
9: Flacko
13: Dero
13: Dr. Big
13: Keys
13: Supwichu
17: Kazuma
17: Guy in green
17: Swoop
17: Stoic
17: Mr. Extraordinary
17: Tenindo
17: Deleon
17: Iron McHard Steel
25: Triggerhappy8935

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl – 18 Entrants
1: Lee Martin ($126.00)
2: Old Greg ($36.00)
3: Dis-gord ($18.00)
4: Fshy
5: Keys
7: Minion
7: Axiom
9: TMan
9: Zippy
9: Hullabaloo
9: Vegta 12
13: Genocide 719
13: Antman
13: Andrew
13: Jak
17: Angel
17: Kyro

Super Smash Brothers: Brawl Teams – 9 Teams
1: Magical Unicorns (Magical Unicorns) ($63.00)
2: Brony (Brony) ($18.00)
3: TXK (TXK) ($9.00)
4: Hot Sauce (Hot Sauce)
5: Chucolate Taco (Chucolate Taco)
5: Team GoL (Team GoL)
7: It Was Worth It (It Was Worth It)
9: Hulabaloo-babear (Hulabaloo-babear)

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II – 18 Entrants
1: Jan ($63)
2: Animefreak ($18.00)
3: Ant ($9)
4: Bloodwolfe
5: A-Messiah
5: Mark
7: Vegta 12
7: ARK | GBS Giovanni
9: Jakob002
9: Kazuma
9: Solidblake
9: PJS Cities
13: Seif
13: Dest
13: Jon Waco
13: Cirons
17: Sandbox Toby
17: Stoic

Mystery Game Tournament ??? – 35 Entrants
1: EG. Justin Wong ($87.50)
2: SolidBlake
3: dlimited
Child’s Play Charity ($87.50)

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A.R.K. IV is on September 17-18th! ~200 People! Feat. Marn, Justin Wong, + More!

Created by GBS Giovanni


Presented by Game Zone Alpha and the Arkansas Fighting Game Network

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First to 5 set between SolidxPanda and GBS Giovanni

This is the first of a series of first to 5 sets that we will be featuring. All first to 5’s will be recorded and uploaded by me, so if you want to set up a set with someone, contact me via Xbox Live @ solidxpanda.

This first set is a match between two of Arkansas’ own SolidxPanda and GBS Giovanni. Watch both videos to find out who took this set!

SolidxPanda (Ryu) vs GBS Giovanni (Rose)

Part 1

Part 2

SolidxPanda Interviews ARFGN’s SmokeMaxX!

A.R.K IV is right around the corner and I’m sure many of you have been wondering who is behind all of this tournament noise everyone has been talking about. Today I got a chance to sit down with one of the founders of the A.R.K (Arkansas Regional Knockouts) tournament series, Max Nguyen. Also known as SmokeMaxX on the SRK forums. I asked him a few questions about Arkansas’ biggest fighting game event and how all of this got started. There’s a lot to be read here, so sit back, grab a chair and prepare to get to know the hardest working man in the Arkansas fighting game community!


– Coming up on the fourth tournament for the A.R.K series you’ve got to be pretty hype. How do you feel about how far you’ve come along as a tournament organizer?

I think being a tournament organizer is probably the most difficult position in the video gaming ecosystem. It’s essentially a thankless job where you’re overworked, underpaid (if you’re paid at all!), and responsible for not only a tournament, but also the perception of your community to the rest of the world. Being a tournament organizer is often very frustrating, but I can honestly say without a doubt that I absolutely love it.

Have I made mistakes? You bet. The very first tournament we ran, we had a combination of laggy monitors and 10” CRTs. Conditions weren’t ideal, but all I could do was learn from my mistakes and change them for the next tournament. And I want to believe that I’ve been doing a good job of that.

– Obviously your tournaments have grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Do you feel like A.R.K is one of the biggest tournaments the South/Southwest has?

That’s tough. Around Arkansas there are great tournaments in each and every state. OKGamers throws amazing tournaments in Oklahoma that draw hundreds of people; Kyoji24 is really building his scene in Mississippi; DreamTR holds MWC in Tennessee; and then you have the Texas Majors such as Absolute Battle, UCC, as well as any event that UFO Fubarduck hosts. That being said, in our region of the country we don’t really have a Final Round or CEO or Season’s Beatings. Although I don’t know if our tournament will ever get to that level, you can bet that that’s our main goal. With an expected two hundred fighting game players attending, I think we are making great progress. Continue reading

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If you want to stay up to date on all ARFGN related streams, follow PandaxGaming on!

Also, follow me on Twitter to find out when our streams and events are happening!

July 23rd is MAG II! Feat. Halo, Call of Duty, Street Fighter, Smash, Marvel + More!

The Monthly Arkansas Gameathlon (MAG), formerly known as Saturday Night Smackdown (SNS), is a monthly community-building tournament co-hosted by Conway Gaming Center and the Arkansas Fighting Game Network.


Presented by Conway Gaming Center and the Arkansas Fighting Game Network

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Community Material!

ARFGN Members Kei Mikado and SolidxPanda have submitted the following videos for your viewing pleasure. Have match videos, tutorials, walk-throughs, highlights, etc? Let us know and we’ll post them on our website!

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(Heart) Breaking News: RIP Solidus of Oklahoma

During the July 4th weekend, Solidus (Forest Sharp) of OKGamers, Smashboards, SRK, HomingCancel, etc. and his girlfriend Ashlie Johnson were killed in a fatal car accident.

Forest was an aspiring Tournament Organizer, an avid gamer, and a great friend. He did what few wanted to do for the Oklahoma gaming community, and he did it passionately and without complaints.

To the guy that really tried to do something for himself, for Oklahoma, and for all of our friends- you will be missed. I’m sorry that things had to end this way, but I’m proud that I got to meet you and talk to you, if not as much as I’d have hoped. RIP good sir. There are few others as good as you still around.

I have made an executive decision to name the ARK IV Melee Tournament in his honor. I don’t know what difference it’ll make in the long run, but it’s one way that I’ll personally pay my respects to him. Hopefully I’ll have a little memorial up for him at our event as well.

A memorial from

Monthly Arkansas Gameathlon II (July 23rd!)

Our monthly tournament on July 23rd (Monthly Arkansas Gameathlon II; MAG II) has gained some news coverage by ARFGN member Joshua Vaughn! Check out his article here!

For more information about our monthly tournament, visit the official page here!

Basic info:

Monthly Arkansas Gameathlon II
July 23rd

$5 Entrance / $5 Per Tournament

Super Street Fighter 4 (360)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (360)
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II (PS3)
Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Halo: Reach (1v1 and FFA)
Call of Duty: Black Ops (1v1 and FFA)
Gears of War (1v1 and FFA)

Halo: Reach Tournament This Saturday!

Game Ever in Little Rock, AR is hosting a Halo: Reach tournament THIS Saturday!

Game Ever
400 North Bowman Road (next to Buffalo Grill)
Little Rock, AR

– It’s an all-day event, so you’ll need an all-day pass ($10).
– Players grouped by age: 10 & younger, 11-16, 17 & up.
– Everyone plays three rounds – top players from each age group compete in a fourth, final round: 1 vs 1 vs 1.
– Winner of final round wins $100.