Upcoming Events for July 2011

Below is a listing of all of the local events this month.


Little Rock, AR – Forgotten Fights
*Brought to you by Little Rock Game Con*
-Features the less mainstream games such as Mortal Kombat and BlazBlue-

Grape Vine, TX – *UCC* Bar Fights III
*Brought to you by DFW Fight Club*
-Allows seeding into the Upper Cut Circuit Fall Tournament-

Updated S.W.O.L. Matches and Rankings For 6/27/11 – 7/3/11!

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Season 1 – Round 3 Matchmaking
Start date – (6/27/2011)
Deadline – (7/03/2011)
Dark Hadou Division

Grand Champion (Carbocation SRK) vs #1 Ranked player (The Rage VII)  

#2 Ranked player (w00tsick) vs #3 Ranked player (solidxpanda) 

#4 Ranked player (Flash House) vs #5 Ranked player (Triox403)  

#6 Ranked player (Clutch City 95) vs #7 Ranked player (Bluesman461)

#8 Ranked player (jchantra) vs #9 Ranked player (SmokeMaxX)

#10 Ranked player (Citays) vs #11 Ranked player (Inspector Arch)

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MWC and Arkansas Armageddon Results

ARFGN members recently attended Midwest Championships in Nashville, TN (6/25/11) and Arkansas Armageddon in Bentonville, AR (6/27/11) and placed well in both.

MWC Results (via DreamTR):
Super Turbo SBO Qualifiers
1. Damdai
2. Immortalbmw
3. Rizz

SSF4AE-53 players
1. ARK XI (Arkansas) Sagat
2. Jacob Ford (Nashville) Yun
3. Vicious Shogun (Kentucky) Vega
4. Derrick Legend (Cincy) Juri/Rose
5. (tie) krazykorean (Nashville) Ryu/Honda
7. (tie) ARK SmokeMaxX (Arkansas)
7. (tie) ARK SolidxPanda (Arkansas)

MVC3-51 players
1. Raekwon187 (Alabama)
2. ARK XI (Arkansas)
3. Orpheus (Alabama)
4. Astaroth (Tennessee)
5. (tie) Azn Mike (Tennessee)

Arkansas Armageddon Results (via Avalon):
MK9: 7 players
1) ARK SmokeMaxX
3) dlimit
4) Strongy
5) Adam Keasey
5) cookieman06
5) Brownie479

SSF4:AE: 12 players
2) ARK solidxpanda
3) ARK SmokeMaxX
4) dlimit
5) ARK Misfit
5) TEAvalon
7) Courtney
7) OSO
9) Rebirth
9) Cash
9) Cheeps Ahoy
9) Strongy

MvC3: 7 players
2) ARK Misfit
3) ARK SmokeMaxX
4) Courtney
5) Strongy
5) OSO
7) Rebirth

Thanks to DreamTR and Avalon for hosting each tournament! We look forward to future events from each tournament organizer.

-ARK SmokeMaxX

Updated S.W.O.L. Matches and Rankings!

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Season 1 – Round 1 Matchmaking
Start date – (6/20/2011)
Deadline – (6/26/2011)
Dark Hadou Division

Grand Champion (Carbocation SRK) vs #1 Ranked player (SolidxPanda)

#2 Ranked player (Triox403) vs #3 Ranked player (The Rage VII)

#4 Ranked player (Bluesman461) vs #5 Ranked player (w00tsick)

#6 Ranked player (Flash House) vs #7 Ranked player (SmokeMaxX)

#8 Ranked player (flavorpc) vs #9 Ranked player (Clutch City 95)

#10 Ranked player (jchantra) vs #11 Ranked player (Citays)

Shadaloo Division

Grand Champion (RawkusX) vs #1 Ranked player (rockbrownscarab)

#2 Ranked player (Inspector Arch) vs #3 Ranked player (MikeEastSide)

#4 Ranked player (GBS Giovanni) vs #5 Ranked player (Jam1kaze)

#6 Ranked player (little death509) vs #7 Ranked player (TR3 WORLD SLAYER)

#8 Ranked player (br00talbusby) vs #9 Ranked player (The Crazykat)

#10 Ranked player (PJS Tidus) vs #11 Ranked player (Gromkii)

Interpol Division

Grand Champion (Paranoia HADES) vs #1 Ranked player (Gracie616)

#2 Ranked player (JeffUnit) vs #3 Ranked player (darkkookie)

#4 Ranked player (DuKamok SRK) vs #5 Ranked player (bagels o)

#6 Ranked player (SVTomar) vs #7 Ranked player (ShoryukenFADC)

#8 Ranked player (Squabbler) vs #9 Ranked player (jford78)

#10 Ranked player (sawdawg08) vs #11 Ranked player (FoShoShon)

Saikyo Division

Grand Champion (Seiei Enbu) vs #1 Ranked player (Avalon37Endures)

#2 Ranked player (swollen cu) vs #3 Ranked player (Flyp17)

#4 Ranked player (Ekipz) vs #5 Ranked player (Zohta)

Verizon’s Xperia Play Launch Results

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Verizon Event this past Saturday! It was a blast and two lucky recipients received a brand new Sony Xperia Play phone!

1) Nick Lawton – Winner of a Sony Xperia Play
2) Casey Turner – Winner of Arkansas Travelers Gift Pack
3) Jerrod Ward – Winner of Arkansas Travelers Gift Pack
4) Stephen Vanpelt – Winner of Arkansas Travelers Gift Pack

Raffle Winner: Jacob Christie – Winner of a Sony Xperia Play

Thanks again for coming out and to Game Ever and Verizon for co-hosting. Don’t forget to subscribe for more information on future events!

Pictures from the event:

6/18/11 – Verizon’s Xperia Play Launch Event at Game Ever! – Little Rock, AR

Verizon’s Xperia Play Launch Event at Game Ever! – Little Rock, AR
Presented by Verizon, Game Ever, and the Arkansas Fighting Game Network

Come and join us at Game Ever as we celebrate the launch of the new Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the ONLY Playstation certified phone! There will be plenty of giveaways and even a competition to win your own brand new Xperia Play smartphone (Retail value: ~$500!). In addition, one lucky raffle winner will also get their own Xperia Play. Entrance is FREE! Verizon and Sony representatives will also be on site to allow all participants to demo the phone outside of tournament play.

Date and Time:
June 18th, 2011
There will be TWO Tournaments. The deadline to be registered for the first tournament is 12:30 PM. The deadline to be registered for the second tournament is 2:30 PM. Qualifiers from each tournament will compete to win the Grand Prize!

Location Map:
Game Ever
400 North Bowman Road (next to Buffalo Grill)
Little Rock, AR

About the event:
The Xperia Play Launch Tournament will be hosted by the Arkansas Fighting Game Network (Visit us at http://www.arfgn.com) with top prize being a Sony Xperia Play Smartphone! The tournament is 100% FREE and will consist of a double elimination bracket. The game to be played is Asphalt 6. Complete rules will be provided at the event.

About the prizes/swag:
The winner of the Xperia Play Challenge will receive an official Sony Xperia Play Smartphone from Verizon. All Semi-finalists will receive an Arkansas Travelers Ticket Gift Pack. There will also be a raffle among all competitors to win another Xperia Play! That’s right, you don’t even have to win a single game in the tournament to win some cool stuff! But that’s not all. All participants will receive a Verizon gift bag plus much more. So enter the tournament! There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain.

About the phone:
The phone resembles a PSP Go with touchscreen capabilities. It will be capable of running older Playstation games as well as newer downloadable PSP games. It is running the latest version of Google’s Android Firmware: Gingerbread. Full details can be found here.

TWO Upcoming Events This Week + NEW Online League Info!

The ARFGN is proud to announce that we are hosting the Sony Xperia Play Launch Event at Game Ever in conjunction with Verizon Wireless THIS Saturday at Noon! Come in for a chance to win a FREE Xperia Play Phone (Worth ~$500!). For more information, visit our Facebook page here.

The following day, the ARFGN will also be hosting Monthly Arkansas Gameathlon I, its second monthly tournament, at Conway Gaming Center featuring games such as Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Mortal Kombat 9, Blazblue Continuum Shift II, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gears of War 2, and Halo: Reach. Click here for more information.

Last, but not least, ARK SolidxPanda has created the Southwest SSF4 AE Online League for all states considered to be in the Southwest via Shoryuken.com as well as every neighboring state around Arkansas. For more information, click on ‘League’ in the toolbar above!

Thanks again,


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