Below is a listing of companies that have supported us in the past (either financially or in some other way), so we are returning the favor by showing our support for them!

Conway Gaming Center feat. the Kwadkade
The other co-hosts for A.R.K. II and III, and now the Arkansas Monthlies. We thank CGC for the use of their venue and their ongoing support of the Arkansas Fighting Game Network. They have gone above and beyond what we’ve asked of them and they have worked hard to be at the place that they are now. I honestly believe that they are the best cardshop / LAN center in Arkansas and I encourage everyone to thank these guys at the tournament for doing such an amazing job! Also, make sure to like them on Facebook!

Game Zone Alpha
The co-hosts for ARK IV on September 17th. Owned by a man who shares our dream for Arkansas. This is Arkansas’ largest tabletop / card shop. They’re located in Jacksonville, AR so if you live nearby, this is a “Can’t Miss” place! Like them on Facebook and show your support!

Bat Cave
One of the best Comic and Card shops in Central Arkansas. The owner is very nice and his store is surprisingly well-stocked. Check the place out on Facebook and in person! You’ll be surprised at how awesome his place is! Also, he hosts a Pokemon TCG League every Thursday. See you guys there!

Game Ever
Noel of Game Ever is probably the most enthusiastic supporter of gamers in the business. He runs a dedicated new-age arcade, complete with interconnected (networked) 360s/Xboxes. For the hardcore, don’t worry, he has over 32 lagless monitors (tested by ARK Misfit) each with its own headphone setup to help immerse the gamer. If you live in Little Rock or you just want to drop by, visit his site here for more information!

Game Xchange of Conway
A great company with a bunch of nice employees. They’ve always allowed us to hang fliers at their location at no hassle. Go check them out! Directions.

As well as… Verizon, Saber Gaming, Game On Apparel, Borderland Games, Brokentier, and many more! Sorry if we missed you, but we’ll be updating this soon!


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