Below is a listing of organizations that we consider either members or “friends” of the Arkansas Fighting Game Network.


The group that has, by far, supported us more than any other group. OKGamers is an amazing organization in Oklahoma, an inspiration, and a true joy to work with. If you live in or around Oklahoma, I would heavily recommend checking them out. They run quality events, interact well with both the community and businesses, and have resources available for all community and event organizers.

DFW Fight Club
The gracious hosts of the ‘UPPER’-CUT Southern Championship have been excellent supporters of the ARFGN. We thank them for all that they have done, not least of which includes bringing eight complete SSF4 setups to A.R.K. III.

Little Rock Game Con
Huge supporters of the ARFGN and A.R.K.. These guys host Arkansas’ largest and best joint Anime/Gaming Conventions. They have exciting news in store for everyone, so make sure to always stay updated by joining their Facebook Group here.

Glitch Con
An upcoming Sci-Fi Convention in Northwest Arkansas. Although the convention is primarily Sci-Fi, its creator has committed to doing justice to gaming in Arkansas. Check out their convention on September 10th, one weekend before ARK IV!


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